The list of 11 best papers, RailLille 2017

1 Diego Arenas, Paola Pellegrini, Sa ̈ıd Hanafi, Joaquin Rodriguez Timetable Optimization during Railway Infrastructure Maintenance
2 Norman Weik, Nils Nießen A quasi-birth-and-death process approach for integrated capacity and reliability modeling of railway systems with fallible infrastructure components
3 Nikola Besˇinovic ́, Egidio Quaglietta,
Rob M.P. Goverde
Resolving instability in railway timetabling problems
4 Yuan Gao, Lixing Yang Scheduling additional trains on a high-speed rail corridor
5 Sara Gestrelius, Martin Aronsson,
Martin Joborn, Markus Bohlin
Towards a comprehensive model for track allocation and roll-time scheduling at marshalling yards
6 Jiajian Liang, Ullrich Martin, Yong Cui Increasing Performance of Railway Systems by Exploitation of the Relationship between Capacity and Operation Quality
6 Xiaojie Luan, Francesco Corman, Yihui Wang, Lingyun Meng, Gabriel Lodewijks Integrated Optimization of Traffic Management and Train Control for Rail Networks
8 Sofie Burggraeve, Pieter Vansteenwegen Optimization of supplements and buffer times in passenger robust microscopic timetabling
8 Sander Van Aken, Nikola Besˇinovic ́,
Rob M.P. Goverde
Solving Large-Scale Train Timetable Adjustment Problems under Infrastructure Maintenance Possessions
10 John Armstrong, John Preston Capacity Utilisation and Performance at Railway Stations
10 İsmail Şahin Markov Chain Model for Delay Distribution in Train Schedules