Best papers of RailBelgrade 2023

The Members of the IAROR Board and the Scientific Advisory Committee selected the top ten best papers presented at RailBelgrade 2023, which includes 11 papers with a tie of three papers on the 9th place. The authors of these papers were invited to submit their paper to the Special Issue of the Best Papers of RailBeijing 2021 in the Journal of Rail Transport Planning & Management.

The top best papers of RailBelgrade 2023 are:

  1. Marta Leonina Tessitore, Giorgio Sartor, Marcella Samà, Carlo Mannino & Dario Pacciarelli. On the fragility of a train timetable.
  2. Berenike Masing, Niels Lindner & Christian Liebchen. Periodic timetabling with integrated track choice for railway construction sites.
  3. Alex Cunillera, Harm Jonker, Gerben Scheepmaker, Wilbert Bogers & Rob Goverde. Coasting advice based on the analytical solutions of the train motion model.
  4. Christopher Szymula, Nikola Besinovic & Karl Nachtigall. Demand-based capacity assessment using mixed integer programming.
  5. Fangsheng Wang, Pengling Wang, Zixuan Zhu, Xiaofang Xiao & Ruihua Xu. Robust optimization of train timetable with short-turning strategy considering uncertain passenger demand and vehicle selection.
  6. Jakob Geischberger, Alessa Isberner & Norman Weik. Optimizing rollout strategies for migration to moving block signaling – a MINLP-based approach for on-board train integrity monitoring technology.
  7. Marko Kapetanović, Alfredo Núñez, Niels van Oort & Rob Goverde. Vehicle-to-grid concept for hydrogen fuel cell hybrid-electric regional trains.
  8. Jiaxi Zhao & C. Tyler Dick. Predicting and measuring service disruption recovery time in railway gravity hump classification yards.
  9. Farid Arthaud, Guillaume Lecoeur & Alban Pierre. Transformeurs à Grande Vitesse.
  10. Leo D'Amato, Federico Naldini, Valentina Tibaldo, Vito Trianni & Paola Pellegrini. Designing self-organizing railway traffic management.
  11. Nadine Friesen, Tim Sander, Karl Nachtigall & Nils Nießen. Modelling time in the timetable-based railway network design problem.