Best papers of RailNorrköping 2019

The board of IAROR has selected the ten best papers presented at RailNorrköping 2019. These papers were invited to publish in a special issue of the Journal of Rail Transport Planning and Management.

The ten best papers are:

  1. Egidio Quaglietta, Meng Wang and Rob M.P. Goverde: A multi-state train-following model for the analysis of Virtual Coupling railway operations
  2. Yongqiu Zhu and Rob M.P. Goverde: Dynamic and robust timetable rescheduling for uncertain railway disruptions
  3. Gert-Jaap Polinder, Marie Schmidt and Dennis Huisman: A new approach to periodic railway timetabling
  4. Ambra Toletti, Marco Laumanns and Ulrich Weidmann: Coordinated railway traffic rescheduling with the Resource Conflict Graph model
  5. Sara Gestrelius, Anders Peterson and Martin Aronsson: Timetable quality from the perspective of an infrastructure manager in a deregulated market : a case study of Sweden
  6. Beda Büchel, Timothy Partl and Francesco Corman: The Disruption at Rastatt and its Effects on the Swiss Railway System
  7. Ralf Borndörfer, Niels Lindner and Sarah Roth: A Concurrent Approach to the Periodic Event Scheduling Problem
  8. Norman Weik, Jennifer Warg, Ingrid Johansson, Nils Nießen and Markus Bohlin: Extending UIC 406-based capacity analysis – New approaches for railway nodes and network effects
  9. Norman Weik and Nils Nießen: Quantifying the effects of variability on the capacity of rail corridors
  10. Sander Van Aken, Sofie Van Thielen and Pieter Vansteenwegen: Optimal Timetables in case of Temporarily Unavailable Tracks

We congratulate the authors of these papers!