Rules of the board

  1. Election of Board members
    • Candidates for the Board may be proposed by any IAROR member with the support of at least another IAROR member nominated by these two or more members.
    • New Board members are elected during business meeting of the ICROMA (International Conference on Railway Operations Modelling and Analysis) by the full IAROR members present if they confirm their nomination and each one receives at least the majority of votes.
  2. Term of Board members
    • The period of Board membership lasts until an elected Board member declares his/her resignation to the President or Vice President or expires automatically if he/she has not participated or made any contribution to the preparation, organization or paper review as scientific advisory committee (SAC) of two ICROMA in a row.
  3. Election of the President and the Vice President The following new members for the IAROR Board were elected:
    • The President and the Vice-President are elected by the majority of IAROR members participating at the business meeting during ICROMA.
    • Candidates for President and Vice-President can be nominated by any Board member of IAROR or by written signature of at least 20 full IAROR members.
    • Candidates for President and Vice-President of IAROR must have been full IAROR members for at least 5 years and participated at least in two previous ICROMA.
  4. Term of officers
    • The President and Vice-President are elected initially for a period of office of at least 2 years. The period of office ends upon their resignation, vote of no confidence by the majority of the IAROR members participating at the regular ICROR or by election of a new President or Vice-President, respectively.
  5. Missions of the President and the Vice-President
    • The President and the Vice-President are responsible for the external representation of the IAROR according to the mission of the IAROR, the approval of new membership applications, the administration and update of the membership list, the communication to all the IAROR members and the timely preparation and organization of the bi-annual regular ICROMA.