Best papers of RailBeijing 2021

The Members of the Board and the Scientific Advisory Committee selected the top ten best papers presented at RailBeijing 2021, which includes 13 papers with a tie of four papers on the 10th place. The authors of these papers were invited to submit their paper to the Special Issue of the Best Papers of RailBeijing 2021 in the Journal of Rail Transport Planning and Management.

The top 10 of best papers of RailBeijing are:

  1. Yongqiu Zhu, Pengling Wang and Francesco Corman. A Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for Delay Management with Passenger Re-routing
  2. Norman Weik. Macroscopic Traffic Flow in Railway Systems - A Discussion of the Applicability of Fundamental Diagrams
  3. Yongxiang Zhang, Tao Feng, Xiaowei Liu, Qingwei Zhong, Xu Yan and Qiyuan Peng. A price-based iterative solution framework for integrating line planning and train timetabling problems
  4. Xiaojie Luan and Francesco Corman. Passenger-oriented traffic management for railway networks: an integrated supply-demand approach based on a discrete choice model
  5. Marko Kapetanović, Alfredo Núñez, Niels van Oort and Rob Goverde. Analysis of Hydrogen-Powered Propulsion System Alternatives for Diesel-Electric Multiple Unit Regional Trains
  6. Thomas Schlechte, Ralf Borndörfer, Jonas Denißen, Simon Heller, Torsten Klug, Michael Kuepper, Niels Lindner, Markus Reuther, Andreas Soehlke and William Steadman. Microscopic Timetable Optimization for a Moving Block System
  7. Martin Joborn and Zohreh Ranjbar. Understanding causes of unpunctual trains: Delay contribution and critical disturbances
  8. Christian Liebchen, Steffen Dutsch, Shiguang Jin, Norio Tomii and Yihui Wang. The Ring Never Relieves
  9. Marta Leonina Tessitore, Marcella Samà, Andrea D'Ariano and Dario Pacciarelli. Assessment of Disturbance Recovery Strategies in a Busy Metro System
  10. Jia Ning, Qiyuan Peng, Yongqiu Zhu, Yu Jiang and Otto A. Nielsen. A Bi-objective Optimization Model for the Last Train Timetabling Problem
  11. Egidio Quaglietta, Panagiotis Spartalis, Meng Wang, Rob Goverde and Paul van Koningsbruggen. Modelling and analysis of Virtual Coupling with dynamic safety margin considering risk factors in railway operations
  12. Francesco Corman and Jonas Henken. Estimating aggregate railway performance from realized empirical data
  13. Jingru Huang, Yue Chen, Jiajun Hu and Qi Xu Relationship between built environment characteristics of TOD and subway ridership: A station level of causal and regression analysis in Beijing

Published 19-12-2021